Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ernest and Erion was asked to be the page boys of Baobao's friend. I was kinda worried they will not co-operate because they are not so open to strangers and have their own thoughts now. But luckily behave reasonably well today. 

As this week is the March school holidays. So their bedtime is all messed up. Sleep late, wake up late. So the night before, I asked them to sleep early and yes, they fell asleep pretty early (1am) as compared to the usual past 3am. And they managed to wake up the next day without crankiness. 

In the taxi, on the way to Nativity Church. 

Reached there quite early. So while waiting for the ceremony to start. It was my first time attending wedding church. 

Daddy Neo and his 3 precious.

Very very very rare chance to take a photo with all of us together. Lol.

They were given a small token for being the page boys of the day. 

Getting ready to walk down the aisle....

After buffet..

While waiting for taxi to go home.